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Cont. Desc
  TITLE   Instruction Mode   DAYS   START   END   ROOM   INSTRUCTOR
11561   ANTH 0500 A     99           Advanced Individual Study             STAFF
11564   ANTH 0500 B     APRVL           Advanced Individual Study             Bright, K
11565   ANTH 0500 C     APRVL           Advanced Individual Study             Fitzsimmons, J
11566   ANTH 0500 D     APRVL           Advanced Individual Study             Nevins, M
11567   ANTH 0500 E     APRVL           Advanced Individual Study             Oxfeld, E
11568   ANTH 0500 F     APRVL           Advanced Individual Study             Sheridan, M
11562   ANTH 0700 AW     99           One-Semester Senior Project             STAFF
11570   ANTH 0700 B     APRVL           One-Semester Senior Project             Bright, K
11571   ANTH 0700 C     APRVL           One-Semester Senior Project             Fitzsimmons, J
11572   ANTH 0700 D     APRVL           One-Semester Senior Project             Nevins, M
11573   ANTH 0700 E     APRVL           One-Semester Senior Project             Oxfeld, E
11574   ANTH 0700 F     APRVL           One-Semester Senior Project             Sheridan, M
11563   ANTH 0710 A     99           Multi-Semester Senior Project             STAFF
11576   ANTH 0710 B     APRVL           Multi-Semester Senior Project             Bright, K
11577   ANTH 0710 C     APRVL           Multi-Semester Senior Project             Fitzsimmons, J
11578   ANTH 0710 D     APRVL           Multi-Semester Senior Project             Nevins, M
11579   ANTH 0710 E     APRVL           Multi-Semester Senior Project             Oxfeld, E
11580   ANTH 0710 F     APRVL           Multi-Semester Senior Project             Sheridan, M