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First Year Seminar

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  TITLE   Instruction Mode   DAYS   START   END   ROOM   INSTRUCTOR
22451   FYSE 1026 A   CW   0           Herodotus/Historical Writing             STAFF
21965   FYSE 1034 A   CW   APRVL           Agatha Christie   In-Person     TBD   TBD     STAFF
21966   FYSE 1035 A   CW   APRVL           On Time   Blended     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22437   FYSE 1091 A   CW   0           Democracy in America             STAFF
22197   FYSE 1184 A   CW   APRVL           The Journey Within   In-Person     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22023   FYSE 1200 A   CW   APRVL           J.R.R. Tolkien Middle-earth   Scheduled Online     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22198   FYSE 1200 X     APRVL           Lab   In-Person     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22199   FYSE 1200 Y     APRVL           Lab   In-Person     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22672   FYSE 1214 A   CW   0           Space, Time, & Measurement             STAFF
22012   FYSE 1220 A   CW   APRVL           Political Consumerism   Scheduled Online     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22673   FYSE 1306 A   CW   0           Mountains of the Northeast             STAFF
22674   FYSE 1356 A   CW   0           Disability/Difference/Society             STAFF
22024   FYSE 1369 A   CW   APRVL           U.S. Economy & Immigrants   Scheduled Online     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22025   FYSE 1419 A   CW   APRVL           Civil War & Civil Rights   Blended     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22676   FYSE 1515 A   CW   0           Literature and Moral Choice             STAFF
22027   FYSE 1564 A   CW   APRVL           Cancer and Community   In-Person     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22026   FYSE 1569 A   CW   APRVL           Globalization Interrupted   In-Person     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22031   FYSE 1570 A   CW   APRVL           Native Presence & Performance   Blended     TBD   TBD     STAFF
22488   FYSE 1575 A   CW   0           Growth and its Limits             STAFF